Thursday, June 21, 2012

Good Morning!

I've always been an advocate for morning workouts and this morning was no different.  My trend has been changing since I work pretty early most of the week, but when I can, I'm all over the early morning workout.

Morning workouts just get me ready for the day.  It's like me screaming at my body "Good Morning!... It's time to WAKE UP!"  Luckily, my body does respond to the early morning wake up calls and I usually get really great workouts in.

Plus, I've always been an early riser (something I thank my parents and swimming for) so I can usually get through a pretty decent workout, clean up, and get most of my chores done before my roommate and the rest of the world wake up.  Of course, I'm then asleep in either the middle of the day or I'm going to bed earlier than most.

Now, most of my friends do think I'm crazy considering I workout and then go to a very active job.  I'm usually the one at work complaining about the few hills I have to walk up or just complaining about being sore.  Still, everyone is pretty supportive and amazed with my workout schedule and determination which is a really great environment for me to work in (if you want to call it work...).

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