Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Good News, Bad News

I have good running news and I have bad running news, which is actually also good depending on how you look at it...

Good News- I got signed up for 2017's Lumiere's 2 Plate Challenge!  Another race on the schedule, another chance to make sure I'm ready for the Dopey Challenge.  I'm excited.  I know the Wine and Dine race, and the course specifically, have always been a bit controversial with some people liking it and other not so much.  For me, I've always enjoyed it, but I'll really enjoy anything that lets me get out there, show off my hard work, and earn some bling in the process.

Bad News- I found out I have a health problem, an enlarged spleen, that will prevent me from running outside for at least a month.  I can walk, and speed walk, as long as I keep it gentle for the most part.  I also can't fall, play really any ball sport, or do anything to my stomach/spleen area.  I'm going to get really stir crazy, but I'm already excited for when I can get completely back into it.

The good news from this?  I've been suffering from on and off stomach issues for a while and if this is the problem or going to point more towards the problem, then I'm happy.  I'm at the point that I'm tired of never finding anything so even bad news is good news at the moment!

Life is full of these Good and Bad events... it's what makes life interesting and fun to live!  You just have to make whatever you can out of the event, find the positive in every situation, and continue enjoying every day!


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