Friday, January 6, 2017

CANCELLED- 2017 Walt Disney World Half Marathon

Trust Donald to cause drama when it comes to any events surrounding his race.  It might be a big year, the 20th anniversary, but that doesn't stop him from making noise... too much noise this time.

Due to weather concerns, runDisney has cancelled the 2017 WDW Half Marathon.


I completely agree with runDisney's decision and I absolutely applaud them for doing so.  Yes, tomorrow morning might end up being pretty calm and a lovely morning to run.  However the storm predictions have continued to worsen from this afternoon and who knows what weather might actually show up.  I've lived in Florida long enough to know weather can go either way and it is best to plan for the worst and enjoy better outcomes if they happen.

The other reason I understand the reason for runDisney's decision is because of the cast and volunteers working the race.  Most of those working are there earlier than the earliest runner and they have to be out in the elements, most without immediate access to shelter, long before the runners get there.  It's not just the runners who runDisney has to think about, there are a lot of different elements going into making this decision.

Right now runDisney is offering refunds, park hopper tickets, deferrals to any other runDisney half marathon, or a limited amount of marathon entries for Sunday.  More details are supposed to come out at 10pm, but right now I'm planning on deferring to Wine and Dine since I was already landing to run that anyway.... I'll just have to figure out who to add the challenge to it...

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