Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 Disney World Marathon Weekend Expo

Well the weekend is finally here and my (hopefully) first marathon for 2017 is just about 12 hours away.  I managed to make it to the expo yesterday with my roommate in tow.  I was impressed with how big it is, but also how it is getting more and more organized.  I'm curious to see if Disneyland has also gotten better since WDW has the room to move things around and DLand is a bit more restricts.

Regardless, the expo was a lot of fun.  I didn't spend too long there, mainly wanted to avoid temptation.  If I stare at raw threads too long then I end up buying far too much.  It also helped that a lot of people went the first day so it wasn't insanely crowded.  It was crowded, but not nearly as bad as I was expecting.  Picking up my race bib, surprise gift (a little luggage tag), and then my shirt went rather quickly and painlessly.  I was able to avoid buying anything from the runDisney store, but I did pick up two new shirts from Raw Threads.

I think the best part of the expo is the emotions and the excitement that is in the air.  Having that many runners in one area with the same feelings is addictive and regardless of how you feel, it makes you at least a little bit excited.  I can honestly say that going to the expos is one of my favorite parts of running these races.

Now I did see the traffic going into the expo the first day, when Dopey and 5k runners had to check in and it was insane.  That's going to be hectic next year, but I'm still excited!  One year... one year and I'll be there in that chaos getting everything for my Dopey Challenge.

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