Saturday, December 10, 2016

Reindeer Run 2016

One of my favorite races... a race that I was not able to do for one reason or another last year.  The Reindeer Run is a quick 5k at SeaWorld Orlando.  The morning was cold and crisp, but ended up being perfect for the run.

Of course a cold front had to come in right before the race so it was pretty cold in the morning.  I love getting to races early, especially these 5ks where you have to pick up your packet and what not.  It was far too cold to linger around outside so I sheltered in my car for a bit.  Eventually I got ready for the run and made it outside to watch the sunrise come over the park.

The race was set up well, with markers for different running paces set up so people could judge where they should start.  There was a second wave of walkers/strollers that would start after the runners and a few strollers tried to make their way to the front of the start... they were promptly told about the second start.  I don't understand people sometimes, why do they have to start in the front just to be in the way of people who are faster?  When the race actually started, it actually seemed like everyone had gotten into the right spot.  There is of course the initial moving around and finding your spot, but we spread out and everyone found their spots pretty quickly.  There was the occasional person you passed and the occasional traffic points, but overall there was plenty of room to actually run.  It was quite refreshing.

I didn't know what to expect since only a week ago I was in bed too sick to do anything.  I ran on the elliptical and on the street, but I knew I wasn't 100%.  Yesterday I ended up doing a weight workout and that didn't go over too well either, but more so because I hadn't worked out like that in a little while.  So I went into this run knowing I wasn't going to run my best, but I was going to finish.

I was definitely sore, but I could run through that.  It was more of my stomach and just my overall feeling that felt terrible.  One thing would act up and then another one.  Still, I walked when I needed to.  I still pushed myself when I could and I came in sub- 30 minutes!  Which was a first... Regardless of how I am feeling from whatever hit me last week, I have definitely gotten stronger and my times are definitely getting faster.

I did forget one thing about this race... No medal.  It was a bit disappointing, I had gotten used to getting some bling.  However, at the end they have a few local businesses (and the local hospital) have booths and I was able to get a swag bag that way.  Everything from a lion stress doll to a new bag... Oh, and of course a race shirt... one that I will actually wear!

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