Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Being Busy and Running

I am still around, I promise.  Life has just gotten pretty busy with work, vacations, the holidays, etc... I'm sure you all understand.  I also spend most of the year at work and take most of my vacations around now so I'm in and out of the house and town.  Luckily, I have been running whenever I can.

I recently went back home to California, which meant I went from 80 degrees to 40-50 degrees, which is not fun for someone who likes it around 70 degrees.  And I know some of you get snow and think 40s are great, but I have avoided snow for a reason... Still, I managed one, cold outside run while I was home.  It gave me an excuse to wear long running gear!  I have to say, I love my Nike running pants.  They're soft, warm, and super comfortable to run and walk in.  The only problem is I forgot them back home and have to wait a few weeks for my parents to come out here before I get them back... Luckily, it's warm enough to still be running in capris in Florida.

I also manager to get sick... the worst I've been sick in a few years.  I was forced to be in bed for over 12 hours, only managing to get up for a trip to the restroom.  Luckily whatever it was (which is still debatable) only lasted less than 24 hours and I was back to working out two days later. That's the good thing about when I get really bed-ridden sick... I'm miserable and feel like I'm going to die, but for me it is typically quick.

I've been back in Florida for a few days now and I've been able to get back on the elliptical as well as get outside and run.  The 60-70 degree mornings have been perfect, although they are expecting a cold front for the end of this week... right in time for my Christmas themed Reindeer Run 5k this Saturday!

The Reindeer Run is one of my favorite short little races and I haven't been able to do it for the last few years.  But luckily this year I have the day off and I signed up for it as soon as I could.  So far none of my usual 5k companions are going to be able to make it, but that's fine, I love this race regardless. More updates about the run to come!

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