Friday, October 7, 2016

Training Through A Hurricane

I have managed to live in Florida for 5 years without any serious hurricanes.  Sure there have been some tropical storms, but nothing too major.  Finally, I have had to deal with my first major hurricane.  Hurricane Matthew decided to take a trip up the Florida coast yesterday and today.  I'm lucky enough to live in central Florida so I am dealing with winds and rain, still nothing like those living on the coast.

Growing up in California we had to deal with wild fires and earthquakes, sudden things that you can't always prepare for.  The thing about hurricanes is that you can prepare.  So of course we got food, batteries, water, etc... Yesterday we knew we had all day to prepare so I woke up, saw some clouds but also sun so I decided it was time for a run.  I figured that was on my hurricane prep list... get one last run in.  

I got a rough 3 miles in.  Running has just not been my thing lately, but I will push through it to hopefully have a decent race in about a month.  Luckily it's not a true race... it's a get to the finish line event.  The weather was nice.  It would be hot, then some wind would come through, it would be dry and then some sprinkles.  No hard rain, no nasty gusts.

Now I do love running in the rain, but between the rains and this lovely curfew that has been placed in our county, I will be staying put inside.  At some point I will be getting a strength workout in, but for now I'm watching the rain and wind from the comfort of the couch.

I think the hardest part of this hurricane has been not eating and drinking through the entire thing.  I've been doing so well this last week on my diet and yesterday was definitely not a good day for that... it was a good day for my taste buds though. 

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