Thursday, April 28, 2016

runDisney Virtual Run

runDisney has made yet another announcement for a new race, but it's a race that's doable for pretty much everyone.  It's a virtual race, well actually the Virtual Running Shorts that includes three 5ks and of course a challenge to do all 3.  The series include the Yellow Shoes, Red Pants, and White Glove 5ks and the Running Shorts, which includes all 3 races.

Some may say that this race is just a ploy to get more money out of the runners, like myself, who are hopelessly addicted to the already expensive runDisney races.  I'm not fighting that opinion, but I'm also loving the idea of earning medals while training for these other races.  The prices aren't too crazy and just about where I'd pay for local 5ks and the one other virtual race I do.

When it comes to the virtual races, you really are just paying for a medal and it's up to your morals as to whether or not you actually run the distance required for the event.  There usually isn't a proof of time required and if you wanted to you could sit on your couch and collect the medal without doing anything.  Luckily, I don't have that issue and I'd be hitting the road one way or another so I might as well get a little reward here and there for the training and put some money towards a good cause.

I've been discussing the race with a few running groups and some of the runners are signing up and looking to give their medals to their kids.  They are using it as a reason to get their kids out there and be active, and better yet do it together as a family.  I think that has been one of the best reasons for someone signing up so far!

The first race (yellow shoes) isn't supposed to happen until May 15th so I have a little bit of time until then.  I'll actually be on Disney property during the time frame for that race so I figured I should run that 5k around my resort.  Stay tuned for that update!

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