Friday, April 22, 2016

Celebrating Earth Day!

When you work in the field of Conservation Education... today happens to be a big day, it's Earth Day!  So I've been celebrating it in two ways.

First, I went out for a run that ended up being a really, really good 6 mile run.  I headed out this morning before the moon set and the sun had rose.  It was a really nice sun rise run.  Overall, the run felt strong and when I got home I just had a feeling of accomplishment.  Plus nothing was hurting yet, a little tight, but nothing screaming.

Even though I killed it on the roads this morning, I was still excited to get out on some of the local waterways and try stand up paddling.

Stand up paddling is rough when you've just run 6 miles and your calves are a bit tight, but I wouldn't say it's hard.  It just takes all different muscles really.  It works on your balance and core muscles with some arm muscles as well.  For the most part you plant your feet on the board and they don't really move.  I did drop to my knees once when I was trying to balance and take pictures at the same time, and that gave me a nice break from the standing.

The paddle was a relaxing break from everything.  We pretty much had the whole waterway to ourselves.  Not too many animals were out, other than some fish, turtles, and birds.  Yet the scenery was breath taking and even though it was an hour, paddling really let us reset ourselves and forget about everything else.  My roommate and I did agree that this was something we needed to keep doing, for the fresh air factor and the relaxation.

Happy Earth Day everyone!  I hope you were able to get outside and enjoy it!

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