Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Another Race On The Schedule

I know I said I was only going to do a few races before Dopey, but that list is already growing.  I have the Lumiere challenge and a few 5ks this year, just like planned.  But next year I have now added the 20th Anniversary Donald's Half Marathon to this list.

That means I now have four halves before the Dopey challenge and three of which are paired with a 10k as a challenge.  I guess my training will definitely be constant and hopefully by the time 2018 rolls around I'll be back and ready for the Dopey!

I think the best news about signing up for the half marathon in January is the fact that I convinced my roommate to do it with me and then we have a bunch of people from work also signed up.  While I don't really like running the race with people (I did it once which was great, but it was with a close friend and we had similar paces), I am happy we're making it a social event.  It will just make it that much better.  This is just helping me get more and more prepared for my challenge, but it is helping my roommate keep running and staying healthy as she's had a tendency to quit when things get hard.  We're helping push each other and the rewards will be sweet...

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