Monday, May 16, 2016

Mid Way Through May

The month is already half over, which means it's a few weeks closer to all of my races.  I've had a few  rough weeks with training, not in the sense of getting out to run, but in the sense of I've had a lot going on in my regular life.  Between lots of overtime at work (which I have to take whenever I can because it's not usually offered so freely), working some special, but late night events, and trying to still be social, finding the energy to run has been tough.  The building heat isn't helping either...

I've still gotten out there and run though.  I just finished 3 days in a row this weekend and I'm hoping to do a 7 miler this weekend.  Overall I've been feeling pretty good on my runs, I just need to keep at the schedule.

The best new is that I get to run at one of my favorite places next week, Disney's Boardwalk Resort.  I love running between Epcot and Hollywood studios and it just holds quite  a few training memories over the years because regardless of what we're doing I always find time to get in at least one run.  That's also where I'm going to run my official runDisney virtual run.  I figured it was only appropriate...

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