Friday, August 16, 2013

runDisney Sense of Timing

It struck me today that runDisney has a very interesting sense of timing.  I think it's only a recent development for most things, but some are always at odd times.

I received my final race instructions for the Disneyland Half Marathon just last week and yet today I had my final race instructions for Tower of Terror tonight.  Two emails were only a week apart, and yet the races are a month apart.  Not that it's really an issue, but it did cause me to give it a thought (and apparently part of a blog article).

runDisney also has their usual pre-race meet-ups, which they post at really odd times of the day... ok the morning.  I tried to get one during the Princess Half, but missed out, and due to my crazy busy work schedule didn't even see the current one for the Disneyland for almost an entire day.  Apparently it was posted pretty early in the morning and filled almost as quickly.

I kind of wish that they would leave it open for a day and then choose by a random drawing.  That's what they used to do for all of the exclusive limited edition pins.  You signed up and then if your name was drawn you got one!  Should be the same kind of deal...

I'd like to go to one of these meet ups, but especially for Disneyland, I have a life around the race that includes spending time with family and friends I haven't seen in a while... and o ya, my parent's work schedule since they're helping me get around for everything.  Maybe one day I'll get into one of these meet ups, but surprisingly, it's not on my "must do" list.

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