Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Gym Equipment!

It was almost like getting a new toy at Christmas, or new running shoes... either way, it's exciting.

My gym was closed earlier this week and I was finally able to get back in today for a nice jog on the elliptical.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was more than just new posters hanging from the walls.  They reorganized the cardio machines and all were brand new.

The machines are essentially the same, but with controls moved to new areas, a new TV screen, and now a spot to connect an iPhone/ipod.  I thought that was pretty handy, especially tonight when most of the TV's had yet to be connected.  I just simply plugged in my iPhone and my music (I was playing a list provided by Songza) and it was piped through the machine.  All volume and other controls were also controlled by the machine which I found to be convenient.  Now I'm just waiting for the TV to be connected.

There were also some other new elliptical machines that could incorporate inclines, which I would have tried, but they were a bit crowded, partially because they were the only ones that had working TV's for the elliptical row.

Tomorrow I'll be checking out the treadmills and seeing if they have any new gadgets or settings that could potentially be helpful for later training...

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