Friday, August 9, 2013

More New Equipment

Having days off is lovely.  It's something that you don't really appreciate until you don't have any.  Today was my first in 20 days and I took advantage of it by actually doing house hold chores that needed to be done like last week and by getting to the gym.  I just had to get my feet on the new treadmills and the new elliptical looking machines.

The treadmills were first and it was like the elliptical last night.  They had readjusted where some of the controls were and had the new ipod connection point.  The TV's weren't connected again, but I just found another Strava playlist and started my workout.  I was happily surprised to see that there was another workout option though.  There was an interval option!

This new interval option didn't have a preset interval, but instead relied on the athlete.  It asked for your jog or walking speed and then your running speed.  Then it started on your jog speed and when you were ready for the run speed you just hit the button and it jumped to your running speed.  This is going to be fantastic since I follow the Galloway plan!  While it's been possible to readjust the pace for intervals, it took time and was slightly annoying, this is just easing that pain and making the treadmill workout much more convenient.

After the treadmill I headed over to the brand new incline elliptical machines.  Once I started I realized they were essentially an elliptical version of a stair master.  I fell in love with these machines almost instantly.  I've always wanted to do stair master workouts, but with my knees I have never been able to.  Since the climb on these machines are still on an adjustable incline, I was able to get that perfect hill/stair workout without nearly as much stress on my knees.

These new options and machines are making me excited to get back to the gym (especially once the TV's work).  Hopefully I'll be able to drag myself in after work more often... although I'm still not holding my breath on that.  However, I am still looking forward to October and November when the temperature drops and I'm able to run outside more.  I think at that point I'm going to look at more classes again to utilize the gym in that area.

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