Friday, January 11, 2013

The Week Has Come...

The marathon is only 3 days out.  It's kind of hard to believe it's that close finally.   I won't say I'm ready, because I definitely could have trained better and be feeling better.  I have been getting a sore throat from the weather constantly changing out here and I haven't been feeling my best otherwise, but I think that comes from stress from work and the run.

Still, I'm going to get through this run.

Plus, I did go to the expo today and I bought a lot of stuff... and I mean A LOT.  Check out my haul:

So of course to wear this stuff and show it off proudly, I have to finish!  I also need to add a medal to the picture, but that's coming...  In the race bag I got- The race tech shirt, a 20th anniversary button, shoe laces, cliff bar, pre-bought pin, temporary tattoo and the race info.  Not much, but again, I'm happy not to have all the papers and random stuff that I never use.

At the expo, I obviously bought a few things.  For race merchandise, I bought the white champion's jacket, 20th anniversary mickey ears, limited edition pin at the event, a nice box collection pin, a Dooney and Burke 20th anniversary purse, and a smaller version of the poster.  The artist for the poster was at the event this morning and was signing them as she gave them out.

I also got the Captain Hook shirt I've been wanting since the Tower of Terror run.  It's supposed to glow in the dark, but I just wanted it because it's Captain Hook and awesome.  I don't think I'm going to run it though.  I think I'm going to wear the "I Thought They Said Rum?" shirt I've worn for most of the half marathons.

It was crazy seeing all the set up these last few days.  On Wednesday they were already setting up medical tents and water stops.  Then today there were DJ booths and other areas getting set up.  Traffic signs were up and warning drivers... it was nerve wrecking at the same time as exciting!

O yes, and before I left the race area I signed up for running alerts to be sent to my parents as well as to be posted on my Facebook.  In the same area you could get a race photo for free from HP.  They gave you a hard copy there and sent you an electronic copy, which is great for me to post here!

One more day of work and then it's race time!

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