Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekly Report 11/19

This week has been tough in every sense of the word... My runs were tough to get through and my knees were not happy at all, both on my runs and in day to day life.  Still, I got through them.  I almost turned around early on my run today, but I stopped myself and kept going.

Part of the problem is that I wasn't stretching as much as I was last week and my muscles were just getting tights and pulling on me knee (a long standing problem).  So my goal for this week is to make sure I keep stretching (plus 20 min of stretching = 1 HBBC point!).

I've also bought some chicken and hamburger meat to make tacos and chicken pasta and whatever else I decide to make... Should be interesting.

HBBC Point Count for today:
3.5 mile run= 3 points
6 miles on bike= 2 points
20 min of weights= 1 point
20 min of stretching= 1 point

total point count= 7 points

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