Monday, November 21, 2011

Finding The Will

Let's all admit one thing... there are definitely days that we just do not want to work out.  We want to stay hidden in our blankets or just keep moving on with our day.  Working out on a daily basis is really not that easy to do.

I'm having just one of those options, but that's where cross training comes in handy.  Not every day has to be blood, sweat, and tears hard.  So today instead of a run (like I was supposed to do), I've decided to get a nice peaceful morning of yoga in instead.  Yes, it's another Jillian Michael's video so it won't be completely easy going, but it will still be more relaxing than doing a circuit or running a few miles.

So today I only gain 2 HBBC points, 1 for the 20 min of yoga and 1 for 20 min of stretching... Still, 2 points is better than 0.

1 comment:

  1. Somedays it is so much harder to get out there than others, great job doing something though and earning those points!