Friday, October 21, 2011

Right On Track...

Surprisingly I'm still on track with my training for the Princess Half.  This morning I got out before the sun was starting to rise and got a pretty good 4.3 miles in.  I got one decent cramp in my side around 2.5 miles, but I walked for a bit and then got back into the run.

This week was supposed to be 2x30 min runs and then a 4 miler.  Well, I got 1x30 min run in and this 4+ mile run so I think I'm pretty good right now.  Tomorrow I'm planning on doing another circuit workout and then I'll run on Monday again (another 30 min run).

Right now my pace has also improved and I feel good running.  Overall it was a really good run and I was happy with what I did.  Now I'm waiting to see how my legs feel tonight and tomorrow...

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