Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting Back Into It

I just had a weekend with my parents, which I knew would be the final vacation from running before I got back into training.  I did run during their visit, but only once and only for just over 2 miles.

Those 2+ miles was a lot of fun though because I got to run through the Epcot Resort area (Boardwalk Hotel, Beach and Yacht Club, Swan and Dolphin Hotel).  It was nice running along the waterway and next to the pools.  Without all of the cars and busyness of real life, it just makes the run that much more peaceful.  It was also really nice to have a banana nut muffin waiting for me afterwards.

So the visit was great and we ate... a lot.  So yes, I gained some weight during the week, but really not that much.  Seriously, I thought I would gain more, but I didn't.  I still need to drop the weight and then some, but this is a constant battle.  It always has been a fight for me and I know it more than likely always will be.

On top of the visit, I've caught a cold and so now I have that to fight as well.  I'm already feeling better and I think yesterday was the worst of it.  Still, it sucks feeling sick and I definitely feel weaker when I'm working out.

So, hopefully by the end of the week I have my eating under control, this cold gone, and my training somewhat back on track.  I'm going to be keeping an eye on the Jeff Galloway training plan for the Princess Half Marathon as a guideline for where my training.  It started last week, but luckily it started at my base so I really didn't miss much.

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