Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wine and Dine Makes A Menu Change

This week runDisney has caused a bit of controversy.  It began Tuesday when they delayed the registration for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon by two weeks.  Tuesday was supposed to be the early registration day, but runners are now waiting till the 22nd (For Annual Pass and DVC members) or 29th to register for the race.

runDisney followers were already speculating there were changes coming sine runDisney had yet to announce any real details surrounding the traditional fall night run.  And sure enough... their speculations did hold some merit.

Announced today, the Wine and Dine Half Marathon has gone from a night race to a morning race and they added a 10k, thus starting a new challenge for the weekend.

First issue- Time Change  

From what I've read on runDisney's Facebook page and other disney fan sites, people really liked running through the parks at night and thought that made the run unique since it really was one of the few true night races in the country.  Yes it did make the run unique, and the yes the parks are lovely at night, however summer nights in Florida and wrought with thunder storms and other issues.  Wine and Dine weekend has seen two consecutive years with weather related issues.  Last year they had to delay and then shorten the race because of there weather!

The morning should limit whatever bad weather might be in store for the runners this year and future years.  Yes it might be like any other runDisney event now that it is held before the sun rises, but I'd rather see the race actually run in full than have to question the weather during it.  Plus I'm slightly biased to morning races regardless because I have always enjoyed running in the morning far more than at night.

Second Issue- 10k and Challenge

Ok, this really isn't an issue, it's an addition that has been rumored for a while since all of the other events have been paired with 10k and challenges.  The theme for the 10k is something with Chef Remy from Ratatouille and the challenge is themed around Lumiere which I find to fit the theme of the weekend quite well.

I have decided to run the challenge as well... mainly because it is a challenge and I really can't say no.  It does mean I really have to get serious for my training since I'll be doing a little bit more now, but I think I can handle that...

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