Friday, March 1, 2013

Running Fashion Don'ts

Lets take a break from the run analysis and what not (which by the way I surpassed 100 miles for 2013 today!) and I want to talk about something that we think about at times, but usually don't... Running fashion.  Now these are not rules, they're just my opinions, but some of them are somewhat obvious...

Color Coordination-

All athletes seem to love to mix and match colors (especially if at least one is a neon) just as much as we like to coordinate them.  Still, this does not mean that you should go overboard on the color combinations.

As it has been almost a week I cannot remember the exact details, but I did see a cringe worthy color combination at the Princess Half marathon.  If I am able to spot an outfit that stands out for all the wrong reasons at an event like any of the runDisney events, I just hope the person is trying to stand out and really doesn't wear that normally.  The worst part was there really wasn't anything resembling a costume to the ensemble.  It was normal running gear... In just all the wrong colors.

On the flip side, don't wear all of one color unless it's for a race and that's your uniform.  If you're casually running in all than one color, it looks funny a lot of the time.  I think all black might be the only exception, but thats not completely safe, especially for running at night.

You really can't go wrong in some great running tights, capris, or shorts and a tech shirt or tank top.  Plus that looks is classic... and it's classic for a reason!

Everyday Costumes-

We all have fun dressing up at times.  Heck, I finally decided to wear a costume for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler last year and while it was extremely hot (thank you October in Florida...), it was a lot of fun.

Luckily I can say that I have nor have I ever seen anyone wearing a costume in normal everyday running.  That's a good thing people...

Water Backpacks-

I'm guessing everyone is aware of these little beauties.  I think they're absolutely great... if you're a hiker, mountain biker... um... I'm sure there's another sport that benefits from them without looking dorky.  I've seen this in triathlons with cyclist wearing these backpacks and I've seen my first runner wearing one as well!

For cyclist... just learn to reach down and grab your water bottle like a real cyclist.  Have you ever seen anyone in the Tour de France or Ironman wearing one?  No!  There's a reason.

For runners... you have a lot of other options other than wearing one of these backpacks.  Carrying a water bottle, the great belts from companies like iFitness that have water bottle carriers, if you're doing laps, just leave a bottle somewhere on your route, or if there are parks or anything on our running route, I'm sure there are water fountains then.  See, lots of other options!

I still couldn't imagine doing a long run with one of these things.  It has to become uncomfortable after a while and the back sweat... I gringe thinking about it.

So those are my current fashion don'ts.  Hopefully I won't have to add anymore, but with people constantly inventing different things and certain creative individuals always wanting to stand out... who knows what we might see next!

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  1. The water back packs always bug me too! I just don't get it. Why do you need that much water for a half marathon--one that has a water stop every mile? Good post!