Monday, February 22, 2016

I'm Back... Here This Time

So I've decided to handle two running blogs.  They're both generally about the same things, but I'll try to also keep them as different as possible.  Dopey Dash will be more about my actual training for the crazy challenge and then this blog will be about my thoughts on running and other things.  So race reports will be mentioned here, but really laid out in detail on the other site.  This I guess will be my fun blog again, my let loose and spill out everything that's been swirling in my head.

I can say, that being back in training after almost two years off has been good, but hard at the same time.  My body is remembering everything slowly, my knees are reminding me they still don't agree, and my head is questioning why I ever stopped...

I look forward to talking with you all again soon!

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