Sunday, April 21, 2013

Well Hello Again

Guess who's slowly coming back?

It's finally turning into a "slow" season at work and I'm returning to a position where my work schedule is a little more routine.  That means I can run again, and also get into new types of workouts, which I am of course excited for.

Taking March off from running was nice, but I'll admit that I was definitely becoming jealous of other runners by the end of the month.  I wasn't exactly stir crazy, like usual, but I wanted to be out there running instead of just being tired from walking all day for work.  The good news is that I managed my diet enough that I didn't gain any weight so I won't be fighting that battle as much as I was expecting.

Still, March is over, April is almost over, and I am just now regaining my footing in running.  I have a few months to get back into shape and get ready for this Dumbo Challenge at Disneyland.  I've been able to get up to 2.2 miles again and I can tell I'm definitely out of shape.  Luckily that's never stopped me before, nor will it stop me now.

 I'm not going to be returning just to running, but I'm going to go back to some of the cross training I did in college for swimming and triathlon.  I heading to spinning classes and maybe some yoga.

I finally found a gym that includes spinning, yoga, and other classes in the membership and, after checking out the gym in person, I've signed up.  I'm hoping to do my first spinning class tomorrow and I am super excited because I've really missed it.  I had a blast spinning in the off season for swimming.  Plus it will be easier on my knees, get my endurance back up, and should give me that distraction from just running.  Along with yoga for stretching and runs on the other days... this should be a pretty good workout schedule.  It will be a hard one, but if I can keep it up, it'll be a good one.

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  1. Welcome back!! I was able to take a Yoga class about a year ago (they are never offered in my small town) and it was AWESOME!!