Thursday, October 11, 2012

Update- Weight Loss and Healthy Living

When I started running way back when, it was to build endurance for my swimming.  Now, it's been all about staying healthy and maintaining my fitness.

I'm happy to say that has definitely been happening.  It's weird seeing pictures from my swimming years, my first runs, and then now.  There has definitely been a change over there years, especially within 2012.  

Swimmer's have the big shoulders and arms, which I definitely had while I was swimming and even after.  Luckily now, I'm starting to thin out and my shoulders are starting to shrink a little bit.  As my dad says, I'm finally starting to lose my baby fat.  Bout time considering I'm in my early 20s.  

Since January, I've lost about 15 pounds and have been able to hold it.  I've gotten to that point where the numbers are staying the same (even though I'm eating what I want which is nice) and now its my body that's changing.  In the following pictures you can probably see that difference...

Disneyland Half Marathon 2010

Princess Half Marathon 2011

Princess Half Marathon- Feb 2012
Tower of Terror 10 Mile- September 2012

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  1. Nice job with the weight loss, and it sounds like you are doing it the healthy way. You are looking GREAT! be proud of yourself and carry on!