Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Warm Weather Running

It's December and I have yet to get any really cold runs in.  The main reason is that I live in Florida and it really hasn't gotten that cold yet this year (which I'm sure the manatees and turtles are happy about).  We've had a few cold days here and there, and most mornings are foggy and a bit nippy, but nothing too bad.

I've only worn my leggings out twice, and both time I really didn't need to.  Actually, one time I shouldn't have and turned back early because I was too hot.  Heck, I'm still wearing shorts to work pretty much everyday, all I need is a light jacket really.

Still, I do miss the colder runs.  I've never had the pleasure (or nightmare depending on how you look at it) to run in the snow, but when a marine layer would come in during the winter, it could get cold back in California.  Those are the runs and workouts I miss, even if I wouldn't admit it at the time.  For some reason I just do better in the cold, it's been the case for swimming and now for running.

Hopefully soon I'll be wearing all of my cold weather gear... I mean, it's almost Christmas!  Even though I grew up in Southern California, I know it's wrong to be wearing shorts and t-shirts this far into December!  

We'll see how the weather is this weekend and whether or not I can keep my leggings out for a bit longer or if they go back in the draw...

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