Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Escape of Running

Running is an escape; an escape from school, work, people, and life in general.  It is a time when my mind gets to run free and not have to analyze facts, worry about schedules, or criticize any other aspect in life.

Introductions anyone?  My name is Steph and I'm a recent college graduate about to start an internship and enter into the working world.  I originally rode horses, then I swam, then I competed in triathlons, returned my focus to swimming for 2 years in college, returned to triathlons, and then picked up running- specifically half marathons.

My history as a runner is pretty simple.  I started running to aid my endurance training for distance swimming.  I would drop running whenever school or my other sports would get in the way, but it was something I never completely stopped doing.  I've had injuries keep my runs short or keep me walking for a bit, but I have persevered and continued running.

I am not someone you expect to run a half marathon, let alone have run 2 and will be running my 3rd in a few months.  Yet, here I am, finding enjoyment in a sport I never imagined I would.

This is not my first blog.  My first is still in its infancy and is focused on my internship at Disney World.  In that blog you can find my race report from the Disney World Princess Half Marathon Expo and Race.

While Working to Make Memories is focused on my work, this blog is focused on my running, more specifically some of the things I think about during my runs.  It should be interesting, at least I hope it will be, but I guess that's all to be determined.

The goals I'm currently running towards:

  • 2011 Disneyland Half Marathon
    • Break my currently personal record of 2:32:30
  • 2012 Princess Half Marathon
    • Race Best?  Personal Record?  We'll see...

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